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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Apr 5, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the Fertility Confidence podcast. I am your host, Dr. Kelsey Duncan, naturopathic doctor, and the founder and creator of the Fertility Confidence method. 

In today’s episode, we are joined by the wonderful Dr. Antoinette Falco, naturopathic doctor and certified Fertility Awareness Educator. Her passion for helping women navigate life, fertility, and reproductive health stems from her own personal fertility awareness journey. 

We discuss all things FAM from your body’s key biomarkers, the diagnostic value of tracking your cycle, the Justisse method, and other sympto thermal FAM that garner high efficacy. 

We touch on the taboo surrounding fertility awareness and the realities of this life-long education.

Dr. Antoinette emphasizes throughout this episode the importance of giving yourself compassion and grace as you commence or continue through your FAM journey as it can seem daunting at first. However, with resolution in your intentions, your FAM journey can be one of body literacy, body confidence, and a deeper understanding of your reproductive health.

“Embrace and surrender to your own personal and individualized journey.”

My sincerest thanks for pressing play today. Join our growing community of strong, hopeful women, each on their own fertility confidence journey; as well as those that are listening to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to support them via the Fertility Confidence Instagram @fertilityconfidencemethod or through our Facebook group Be Hormonally Confident with Dr.Kelsey. 

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