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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Oct 18, 2022

This week we have a very special guest Emily Elliot. She is here to chat about how to find a vibrant mindset while on your TTC journey.

Emily is the founder of Magnetic Mindset Coaching, She shares her wisdom on how to have those tough conversations, how to find that place of acceptance and understanding. I even got her to add some advice on being in the thick of your TTC journey and how to get through it.

Emily is the founder of the Magnetic Mindset Coaching Method, former Naturopathic Doctor and a forever student of life. After severe burn out from schooling and the corporate world as well as experiencing two pregnancy losses in 2019 and 2020, Emily set out to find help with her mindset and to transcend a lot of the blocks that were preventing her from thriving in life. 


She then became certified in Neurolinguistic Programming, EFT, Coaching and Hypnosis.  After putting these changes to work, she feels the most calm, peaceful and ‘herself’ that she has in decades. She has coached over 500 women on finding more vibrancy in their life and it is her life’s work to help women create a life that they can’t wait to wake up to every morning, without sacrificing everything. Emily is Mama to Koah and Summer and has a fond love of coffee, weiner dogs and things that sparkle.



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