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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

In this week’s episode I got to sit down with Amy Beckley, the founder and creator of a popular fertility-support company, Proov.


Amy founded Proov in her basement after battling her own fertility journey and seeing the gap in fertility healthcare. After not getting the proper diagnostic test, and therefore treatment, during her fertility experience, she was determined to use her training, expertise and experience to bring change the fertility world.


Proov has allowed at-home diagnostic options for couples all across the globe and making fertility testing and care that much more accessible.


In today’s episode we cover:

  • What is PDG testing, why is it important, and how we can use that information for our fertility
  • How ovulation isn't a yes or no event
  • The difference between PDG and progesterone
  • The mission to change women’s healthcare in the fertility space
  • Luteal phase defect and how to determine if this is a roadblock for you


Amy so generously offered our Fertility Confidence Community 20% off Proov testing kits and products with the code FCM20. 


Find out more about what Proov has to offer at

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