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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Mar 1, 2021

Erin McCollough joins Kelsey on the podcast to discuss how Yoga can change the modality of how women approach motherhood. One of the best parts of this conversation is the way that Erin speaks about how yoga can be more than just a fitness tool. She discusses how you can use yoga in a variety of different ways that can benefit your overall mindset. 

Erin is the Founder of Fertile Hope Yoga, the world’s first online fertility yoga studio allowing women to practice from the comfort of their living room floor.

For more than a decade, Erin has been leading the industry with her in-person yoga fertility program at the CNY Fertility Center owned by Dr. Robert Kiltz. She's the Co-Creator of The Fertile Secret book and has helped thousands of women reach out and hold their baby after they had been told they could never get pregnant.

She calls upon her 20 years of training and practice in the healing arts: yoga teacher training, licensed massage therapy, Reiki certified, Doula trained, myofascial release, Arvigo Therapy certified to name a few, and uses the modalities to change how women approach motherhood.

Instagram/Facebook: @fetilehopeyoga