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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Whether you are a regular listener or this is your first time joining us here on the Fertility Confidence podcast, welcome. I am your host, Dr. Kelsey Duncan, naturopathic doctor, and the founder and creator of the Fertility Confidence method. 

It is such a beautiful day where I am, and while I’d love to be plunging into a pool right about now, I thought, how about we dive into today’s topic - Irregular Cycles.

Today, I will be covering Step Two of Four regarding Irregular Cycles which is Investigation. I will provide you with the information you need on my top five recommended lab tests to run; while highlighting throughout the importance of accessible, early, and effective cycle management, treatment options, and support.

Before we begin, I recommend grabbing a pen and paper to jot down the five important lab test groupings we will cover in this episode for future reference.

Here are the main topics of today’s episode:

  • Defining Irregular Cycles and variation
  • Irregularity ‘treatments’ for teens vs those on their TTC Journey 
  • To properly treat we must investigate and understand 
  • My Five Recommended Lab test groupings to run - Thyroid, Fasting Insulin / Fasted Glucose, Androgens, Pituitary function / Prolactin and Cortisol 

If you’d like me to cover Step One of Irregular Cycles- How to Properly Track Your Cycle in a future episode, please do let me know. 

You can do this by sending me a message via the Fertility Confidence Instagram @fertilityconfidencemethod or through our Facebook group Be Hormonally Confident with Dr.Kelsey. 

 My sincerest thanks for pressing play today. By doing so you are joining a growing community of strong, hopeful women, each on their own fertility confidence journey; as well as those that are listening to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to support them.

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  • Luteal phase - Phase of the menstrual cycle that occurs after ovulation and before menstruation
  • TTC Journey - Trying To Conceive 
Lab test groupings
  1. Thyroid: Full Thyroid panel is TSH T3, T4, anti TPO (anti thyroid proximities) and anti TG (antithyroglobulin)
  2. Fasting insulin and Fasted glucose
  3. Androgens: Free testosterone, total testosterone and D H E A S
  4. Pituitary Function and Prolactin: Day three LH and FSH
  5. Cortisol: Four point Cortisol curve and Urine metabolite