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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

In today’s episode I get to sit down with another ND who I look up to, Dr. Jordan Robertson ND. Jordan has been a huge influence in the ND community, using her background in critical appraisal to bring evidence-based support to women’s health.


Jordan and I spent some time talking about miscarriages in today’s episode, so if you aren’t in a place where that is a comfortable conversation please come back when you’re ready. We covered risk factors, labs, and things we can start to make positive change towards to help lower your miscarriage risk.


But most importantly, Jordan and I both agreed that there’s a gap in the care given to women during and after loss, and that’s something we both hope to change through our work.


You can check out Jordan’s podcast, Women’s Health Unplugged.


Or find her on IG @drjordannd