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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Feb 14, 2022

In this week's episode we are answering the burning question "what is IVF"?


It can be incredibly helpful to understand the process and know all the facts before you make such a big decision on your fertility journey. So I am very excited to have Claire O'Neill join us in this episode to chat all things IVF.


Claire is a former certified andrology and embryology lab scientist who worked at a large NY Fertility Clinic and has since gone to to co-found FertilitySpace, a database aimed to help couples find fertility clinics using the most up to date data.


In this episode we chat all about IVF, what it is and what does the process actually look like, egg and embryo freezing, what questions to ask a doctor you're considering working with, and so much more!


You can find more about FertilitySpace at their website and go follow them on Instagram