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Fertility Confidence Podcast

Aug 9, 2021

Do you suspect your estrogen is high or have you been told you are estrogen dominant? If so, this episode is for you.


I’m going to make you question if that diagnosis is appropriate for you and your fertility journey because oftentimes this concept of “estrogen dominance” is being thrown around a little prematurely. Before you go messing with your estrogen, let’s be really sure that’s the case.


In this episode of the Fertility Confidence Podcast I break down:


  • How estrogen works in our body
  • When to test and the importance of proper timing for proper treatment
  • Why you need to be careful lowering this beautiful hormone
  • When this idea of “too much” may actually be true
  • What’s the most important step in working to rebalance your estrogen


We had this conversation over in my free Facebook community, Be Hormonally Confident, and if you aren’t already a member please come and join us.


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