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Fertility Confidence Podcast

May 17, 2021

Welcome to another episode of the Fertility Confidence podcast. I am your host, Dr. Kelsey Duncan, naturopathic doctor, and the founder and creator of the Fertility Confidence method. 

In today’s episode, we are talking about the two-week wait, that luteal phase we, as women, go through every single month. We will discuss how to give this difficult season the care and attention it deserves through understanding and building what I call our ‘survival kit’. 


Here are the main topics of today’s episode:

  • What is the two-week wait?
  • Two week wait survival kit - tools and strategies
  • Top Four Suggestions 
    • Taking time to breathe
    • Positive pastimes 
    • Connecting with Nature
    • Refresh passions from your past

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  • “So we hear this time and time again, of how stress negatively impacts the fertility journey, but how do we stop stressing about it? We can't honestly, I think we honestly can't and I never expect someone to come in and just stop thinking about it or stop worrying about it or stop stressing about it. We need to support you and your body where you're at, so we want to build out your two-week wait survival kit.”
  • “The first thing that you can consider … Basically taking some time to just breathe. Check-in with yourself, actually process through the emotions versus pushing them away.”
  • “So acknowledging what comes into your brain, allowing yourself to sit with it for a minute, see what that means to you, and letting it go.”
  • “EFT Tapping ...As a way to help move energy, move like stagnant energy through my body, set expectations, set affirmations, um, I've found it incredibly helpful for me and my FCM clients have really enjoyed the addition of EFT tapping into their protocols. Kind of originates from a TCM Background. And we can focus on moving negative energy out and tapping positive energy in”
  • “ Number two is to plan some fun activities and visits. The two-week wait is one of those places where it actually might be beneficial for you to plan some things to distract yourself. Get you out of the house to get you out of your head, to have some fun, to forget for a minute that you're literally counting down the minutes until you can take a pregnancy test.”
  • “Sometimes we’ve got to learn to say no, sometimes we got to learn. To honor our energy and our capacity in that moment. So if you do plan distractions and then the time comes and you're like, yeah, no, that's like 100%, not something I want to do right now. Don't do it. Never force yourself to do something you don't want to do. So take it with a grain of salt, figure out what feels right for you and cycle to cycle.”
  •  Number three is to connect with nature. So we have lots of research to support spending time in nature improves mental health. We can use this as a tactic to calm your nervous system and to actually help reduce the anxiety that you might be feeling during that two-week wait”
  • “Number four is to pick a hobby that you miss. So something that you made me feel like you haven't had a lot of time for. Something that you've maybe let fall to the wayside a little bit, something that used to bring you a lot of joy”

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